IT Support Services in West Palm Beach from YTP

Help desk

Let us fix your computer and network issues!

Tech Support

IT Professionals are ready to assist you at any time to support your computer and network.

Managed Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

Easy Billing

No surprises here! Get a steady bill for Premium IT Management and Network Support.

Cloud Computing

Fully scalable solutions for a flat-rate fee.

Cloud Management

Management of your cloud network connectivity, functions and data.

Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

No More Lost Files!

When computer or hard drives go down, we get your data to you without any losses.

Dental Technologies

Practice Management, Imaging Technologies Integration

16 Years of Experience

Integration of New & Existing Software, Hardware and Systems

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Cloud Computing in West Palm Beach is easy with YTP

West Palm Beach Cloud Computing

Your Technology Partner’s cloud computing solutions in West Palm Beach can help you protect your computers and data from outside threats, hackers, data corruption, hardware failure, etc.

Our cloud computing services are completely scalable so your individual cloud computing services grow with your data, etc. You don’t need an enormous budget to get this accomplished either because we have a flat-rate-fee for cloud computing. There is no hardware investment required because we have that infrastructure set up already. This means you can spend your money on your other business needs, marketing, bills etc. Call Now! 561-439-5353

Cloud Computing Services in West Palm Beach

Your Technology Partner’s professional cloud computing services include:

  • Data Security – Your data and systems will be protected from loss, corruption and theft.
  • IT Support Services – We’re available 24/7 to support your needs. We monitor all of your systems to ensure they are protected and run smoothly.
  • Data Backup & Protection – Our services include data backup with data storage that is secure and on guard 24/7. This eliminates any worries and even in the worst disaster scenarios, your data is safe with us.
  • Tech Tools you can use – Control and Management of your systems is easy because our intuitive tools to help you along the way.

Call Your Technology Partner today about cloud computing services in West palm Beach and how they can work for you.

YTP Professional Data Backup & Data Recovery in West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach Data Backup & Recovery Services

From financial records to client files and marketing data, your data is important and an integral part of your growing business. When data is lost or stolen, you need to recover it at all costs so your business can go on growing. We have a data backup and recovery solution for you with a guarantee. We are located in West Palm Beach and serve all of South Florida. Call Now! 561-439-5353

Data Backup and Data Recovery Services in West Palm BeachData backup & recovery with Your Technology Partner of West Palm Beach We specialize in data backup and recovery for your whole network. This includes your computers, network, hard drives, servers and full system recovery. We backup your complete network domain information, server setup and store it on a remote server so we can recover everything for you. Our data recovery service is fast!

West Palm Beach data backup and recovery services with YTP:

  • Prevent Disaster – Issues can/will happen to anyone and at anytime. We prevent disaster with proven data backup and recovery measures.
  • Keep your data safe to defend your business – Your Technology Partner protects you from hacking and viruses. Your data, network and systems are safe with us.
  • Fast data recovery time – When the unexpected happens, we’ll have your network back up really fast. We have our data recovery process perfected.

Your business needs reliable data backup and recovery in West Palm Beach and anywhere else you have computers in South Florida. Your Technology Partner can provide you with dependable data security.

Call today and protect your company from data disaster.

Digital Dental Systems – Dental Technologies West Palm Beach

Digital Dental Systems - Dental Technologies West Palm Beach

Experts in Practice Management, Imaging Technologies, Integration & Support

Over 16 Years of Experience in the following;

  • Practice Management
  • Imaging Technologies
  • Integration of New & Existing Software
  • Integration of Hardware Systems
  • Tech Support & Help Desk
  • Remote Access
  • Network Printing
  • Data Backup
  • Network Security
  • Software Updates

Digital Dental Systems
2300 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd Suite 219
West Palm Beach, FL 33409

Phone: 561-439-5353


Dental Technologies Integration and Support

Help Desk Located in West Palm Beach for Network Support in South Florida

IT Support Help Desk in West Palm Beach

Running a small company is a challenge. It takes lots of effort to bring in the money that it takes to pay all of your bills and staff. Affording all of this expense and keeping your business thriving takes computers and programs that run correctly all of the time.

IT Support Help Desk in West Palm BeachYour company needs IT Support in West Palm Beach that is affordable. Your Technology partner is located in West Palm Beach, but serves all of South Florida. Our professional IT Support Services are affordable and reliable. We even have 24/7 emergency services.

Do you need IT Support for your West Palm Beach or South Florida company? Of course you do!

Our Network Support staff of IT professionals are on standby without charging huge fees to do it. Don’t pay hundreds of dollars to have a mildly educated IT wannabee from a retail chain come by and screw up your systems and lose your valuable data. When you need IT Support of any kind, we are here for you. We remove viruses, install programs, install hardware, configure networks and much more.

Your Technology Partner is here to help you and your network.

Your Technology Partner’s tech teach for IT Support includes, but is not limited to:

  • Amazing Computer KnowledgeWe know computers inside and out along with tons of software. If you have a question, we can answer it or find the answer for you.
  • Increased Computer Related Productivity – With smoothly running systems and minimal downtime, if ever, your employees are free to get their work done quickly and make you more money!
  • More money available for you – Since you aren’t paying for full time IT Support staff, you save money and can use it on other business needs to increase your profits.

Our high quality help desk services in West Palm Beach are ready for you.

Contact Your Technology Partner today to find out more. Call Now! 561-439-5353

YTP Managed IT Services for South Florida

Managed IT Services in West Palm Beach

Managed IT Services in West Palm BeachYour business in West Palm Beach needs Managed IT Services for the benefit of your network reliability and overall efficiency. Your Technology Partner offers managed IT services for a flat-rate fee. Your costs are fixed so you can focus on making money instead of worrying about the costs if IT management and the headaches that computers can give small businesses. Your Technology Partner’s managed services will ease your mind due to our proven track record of successful managed IT services and IT Support in West palm Beach.

With our managed IT services in South Florida, the benefits far outweigh the cost.

With YTP’s managed IT services in West Palm Beach, you’ll benefit by the following and more:

  • Customized IT Packages – We create managed IT service packages to fit any business size or budget to suit your needs.
  • Flat Rate Fees 24/7 – We don’t take advantage of you in your hour of need. If your server goes down or network goes offline, the cost is covered in your service fee. We handle your needs as they arise while preventing what we can to minimize issues.
  • Increased Productivity – Leave the stress to us and we’ll keep everything in your network running smoothly so you are your staff can keep your business activities going at peak efficiency.
  • 100% Availability – Our managed services in South Florida includes weekends and holidays so we’ll take care of your needs no matter when they occur.

Your managed IT services and IT support needs are in good hands with us.

Contact us today for more information. Call Now! 561-439-5353